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Michoacán, the great gastronomic destination of central Mexico.

Birthplace of Mexican tradicional cuisine and culinary innovation destination, Michoacán presents you the intense aroma of slow cooking, the awe of discovery, the nostalgia of yesteryear flavors and the happiness of sharing the best moments of your life at the table.

What should I try in each city?

In Morelia, have some quince cheese and gazpachos, also try the enchiladas placeras and Pátzcuaro’s typical ice cream. In Uruapan try the trout, the churipo and the corundas from the Purépecha Plateu. In Santa Clara del Cobre, try the torta with toasted tortilla and in Quiroga and Tacámbaro don’t forget to enjoy some pulled pork. Also taste Zamora’s famous dessert the chongos zamoranos. In Tierra Caliente, enjoy the morisqueta, in the coastal region have some seafood and Mexican barbecue and in the Country of the Monarch Butterfly buy some canned fruit to take home with you.

What dates should I book in my foodie calendar?

“Morelia en Boca” which takes place in May, is one of Mexico’s greatest gastronomic events, presenting the most avant-garde cuisine. In order to have a taste of our oldest recipes, look for our traditional cooks at Michoacán’s Gastronomy Festival. You may also find them in March, during the incredible Palm Sunday Handcraft Market in Uruapan.

What should I bring back home?

In Morelia buy some quince fruit cheese and in the Country of the Monarch Butterfly buy some canned fruit and liqueurs. In Uruapan buy some coffee, charanda and macadamia nut products. In Zamora you can buy chongos zamoranos in a can. In Pátzcuaro you should do some shopping at the small market located next to the Guadalupe Sanctuary. There you will find different types of corn or dried fish which are typical ingredients in Michoacán’s traditional cooking.


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Michoacán as a row model: the declaration of traditional Michoacán cuisine as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity

In every Purépecha home the parangua or kitchen is a sanctuary where our traditional cooks keep our gastronomic heritage alive. Because or food is our identity, and that of all Mexicans.

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