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You cannot go to Pátzcuaro without trying its famous ice cream. In fact, you should go there just for the ice-cream. It is absolutely delicious.

In Vasco de Quiroga Square, the heart of this magical town, courting couples walk around, old folks dance, visitors check out the local landmarks and everyone, absolutely everyone, goes through the Hidalgo arcade to perform one of the sweetest rituals in the world: enjoying a delicious ice-cream.

Ever since 1905, when Don Agapito Villegas made his first ice-cream, Pátzcuaro residents have continued to succumb to temptation, and its reputation has now spread outside the town. The ice creams are still handmade, and the ice cream parlors are family businesses. It is a tradition that has stood the test of time. The list of flavors seems endless. There are fruit flavors such as mango, guava, lemon, blackberry and sour sop. There are flavors that are only suitable for those with a really sweet tooth like caramel or chongos. And there are traditional flavors such as chocolate, coffee and coconut. And flavors you’ll only find here such as sapote fruit ice-cream or beso del ángel.

If you come on a weekend you will see hordes of people around the ice cream stalls. Go up, wait your turn and enjoyed a cup of ice cream with the flavor of your choice. In the best local tradition.


We recommend

  • Try new flavors at either of the two flagship ice cream parlors under Hidalgo arcade: La Pacanda and Nevería Eréndira.
  • Saturday afternoon is very busy. If you have trouble making up your mind, come some other time.

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