The new temples of mescal in Pátzcuaro



Few people know that mescal is produced in Michoacán. Small family businesses gradually expanded and earned their place at trendy bars and nightclubs.

Today mescal is part of the modern urban lifestyle, although in actual fact, it was always there. In ancient times, our ancestors extracted a beverage from the agave plant which they thought was fit for the gods During the Viceroyalty, distilling systems were introduced and the classic Mexican beverages: mescal and tequila, were born.

In the Pueblo Mágico de Pátzcuaro, there are two flagship mescal stores with a wide selection of mescals from Michoacán, where you can also have a drink. In Vasco de Quiroga Square you can find La Surtidora, a traditional business which celebrated its centenary in 2016. In addition to mescal, this shop-bar-restaurant offers traditional liquors such as charanda and a tempting section with preserves. Nearby is Remedio, which is becoming a popular choice in the evenings thanks to its delicious cocktails. If you are near the Basilica, we will point you in the direction of El Carajo, a traditional, intimate bar with a large selection of mescal produced both locally and across the country.

If you want to see how mescal is made, 20 minutes outside Pátzcuaro, you will find Palomas Mensajeras in Oponguio, on the western shore of the lake. This is a family distillery where they produce their own artisanal mescals. In addition to blanco, reposado and añejo, you’ll find mezcal flavored with fruit, with astonishing results.

As the saying goes: If you’re feeling bad, drink mescal. And if you’re feeling good, do the same…


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  • Look for the phrase “Vinatas of Michoacan región de origen” on the bottles as a guarantee of authenticity.

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