The bean is the most consumed legume in Mexico. It is one of the oldest foods of all times because its farming began near 7000 years b.C in the south of the country. From that moment on, and through different time periods, beans have become an essential part of mexican culture, accompanied by corn and chili.

Nowadays, beans are farmed in areas such as Jiquilpan, Arteaga, la Huacana, Churumuco, among others, always taking care of all the kinds of bean and the pods. 


June to March


  • Traders of the Spanish Conquest took american beans to all the world. In the XVII century, beans were already farmed in Europe, Africa and Asia.
  •  Beans have some toxic substances when they are raw, by boiling them, the beans become edible. 

Related traditional dishes

The tarasca soup is one of the michoacan dishes that use beans as a base, as well as some corundas. However, beans break paradigms in presentations and how you can eat them: you can eat them charros, with epazote, fried as sides or in the famous molletes (a bolillo bread with beans and cheese). 

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