The blackberry grows on a bush native from Europe, Asia and America, and it has found an ideal home in the mountains of the Country of the Monarch, and the Occidental area of Michoacan.

The “zarzas” (berries), as they are commonly known as, are just part of a big variety of red fruits, among which you can find blue, rasps and the mix blue-rasp berries. The quality of the fruit makes the blackberry perfect to use it as an ingredient, but also to eat directly as a dessert. 


August and september


  • Los Reyes Salgado used to be a town that farmed sugar cane, but nowadays it is devoted completely to red fruits. 

Related traditional dishes

Blackberry is a fruit used in bakery to make desserts and jams, and even as an ingredient of wines and homemade liquors. The leaf of the bush and the berry can also be boiled with water to make tea. 

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