There are three kinds of charales native from Patzcuaro Lake, they are the key element to sustain traditional cooks and mariposeros (traditional fishers from the area) of Patzcuaro and Janitzio.

The charal prieto (black), named kuerepo turipiti, the white charal (chakuami) and the dotted charal (chirostoma Patzcuaro): each kind has an average size of 8 and 17 centimeters, and even though its size speaks for itself of the quality, its flavor is still more extraordinary. 


All year


The reproduction of the charal is all year long, each charal can produce from 400 to 1200 eggs.

The beautiful choreography of the mariposeros aims to capture charales that are later sold to the nearby restaurants of Janitzio and Patzcuaro. 

Related traditional dishes

The main recipes of charales by the traditional cooks from the area are: in guacamole, fried, bathed with chili, egg fried, vegetables and with molcajete sauce. A festival of flavor with an aquatic protagonist. 

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