Alcoholic drink with designation of origin since 2003. A spirit that grows in Uruapan thanks to the weather and the sugar producers of the area. This beverage stands out for its distillation and the rectification of fermented musts. Its history dates back to the hill La Charanda, in the purepechan plateau, where the first distiller was built. “Charanda” refers to the purepechan meaning of “red soil”, that in itself is linked to the unique process of this beverage, where tall canes, farming land and water from the Barranca del Cupatitzio are used. 


All year


Charanda producers claim that Charanda will not face the tequila crisis, because they depend of the sugar factories. Charanda is produced with guarapo, piloncillo or melaza in 16 municipalities.

Related traditional dishes

Charanda is similar to rum, you can mix it with different drinks or in cocktails to accompany food, or use it even as a digestive. 

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