Chili is not salty nor sweet. It produces a sensation of growing freshness, hard to understand to non-mexicans, but not an impossible task.

In Mexico, you can find over 40 varieties of this product. Michoacan mainly produces the jalapeño, farmed from june to december, and it can be harvested three months later. The warm weather of the State helps growing green and big chilis, ideal for direct consumption. 


All year


  • In Mesoamerica, the chili is used to make hot cacao.
  • Chilis have big quantities of vitamin c and carotene, that help to the absorption of iron. 

Related traditional dishes

Chili, as one of the basic ingredients of the national diet, can be found in different shapes and presentations: in mole, sauces, enchiladas, antojitos, or even stuffed chili, like the traditional nogada chili from september. 

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