The source food of energy in Mexico is corn. Its consumption is related to the birth of the native mexican cultures and it is farmed in all the country. In fact, it is considered the cereal with the largest worldwide production.

Michoacan has over 97 thousand producers that farm over 430 hectare, in that way one of the most important ingredients of the mexican diet is protected. Its use is mainly for food, it can be used shelled, milled or even in oils, present in kitchens from all around the world. 


July to march


  • Nowadays, researches from the IPN are looking for a way to distill whisky from corn.
  • Nixtamal is the result of cooking corn with water and cal, it is used to prepare tamales and tortillas. 

Related traditional dishes

The corn in Mexico is related to tortilla, the base for tacos, enchiladas and chilaquiles. It is also used to prepare atoles, arepas, soups, esquites, corn bread, tostadas and, of course, delicious quesadillas. Its use depends on the creativity of each individual. 

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