Cotija cheese

This derivative product from dairy is one of the few “strong” cheeses of Mexico, even compared to the parmesan. Its flavor does not only decorate and add to the taste, but it highlights and transform it. This cheese was born thanks to the Spanish Conquest, which allowed the growth of cattle in the Cotija area, so a product able to endure long periods of time was needed, and then native people created the cotija cheese.

Nowadays, this product is supported by a collective brand, made by the producers who inherited the tradition from their families. A food that created history at each bite. 


All year


  • In 2006, the cotija cheese was recognized as the Best Foreigner Cheese in the world championships that took place in Cremona, Italia.
  • Each year, producers of Cotija throw a traditional fair with activities to honor, promote and enhance the production of this cheese. Do not miss it. 

Related traditional dishes

Cotija cheese is used for dips, salad dressings, sauces and creams. Due to its physical attributes, it can also highlight the smell and flavor of tacos dorados (fried tacos), enchiladas and other dishes. 

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