The forests of the Country of the Monarchs and from the towns of Zamora, Aquila and Buenavista, allow thousands of bees to leave their sweet nectar. The quality of this liquid is due to the big nature diversity of the area, as well as for the care of hundreds of beekeepers. Honey is a product so consumed in the whole world that it evens makes appearances in the Bible, and its use has been document since Ancient Egypt times.

Among the attributes of this ingredient, it can help you to accelerate wound healings, to fight lung problems, regulate pressure. It is also used as a sugar substitute. 


All year


  • Michoacan has the 9° place in the production of honey nation-wise. It has 970 producers, and 65 thousand hives in the 105 municipalities of the State.
  • Almost half of the honey production of Michoacan is sent to Germany, Spain, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States. 

Related traditional dishes

Honey is used as an ingredient of desserts and jams, as well as sweet dressings. It is also used in contemporary recipes that mix sweetness with salt. A unique product used in hundreds of industries and food. 

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