The farming of jamaica in Michoacan began in 1943 in Churumuco. This plant is also known as jamaica rose or abisinia rose, and it grows in the purepechan area thanks to the perfect subtropical weather of the lower reaches of the Balsas river. In Mexico it is used to infuse or prepare jamaica-flavored water, one of the most traditional in the country, and to dress and accompany dishes such as salads, fruits or yogurt.

It is also used as a curative plant, because it is a diuretic and it helps to purify the kidneys. It also helps the immunological system, relieve menstrual cramps and regulates arterial pressure.  


December to march


  • Fights insomnia, so it is recommended to drink it as a tea.
  • Even though the plant is native from Africa, jamaica flower is popular in Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. 

Related traditional dishes

Jamaica flower allows thousands of people to enjoy one of the most traditional flavored-water in Mexico, but it is also an excellent side for different dishes. Recently, jamaica flower has fused and evolved, you can now find it caramelized and even as salt, ideal for gourmet food. 

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