In other places of the world, it is called “lima”, but it does not matter how it is named, this juicy and acid fruit is unique. Its green peel and its center liquid follicles are key to mexican cuisine.

Thanks to its height and weather, the Valley of Apatzingan and its surroundings are one of the biggest soil producers of lemon, this area ships over 600 thousand tons, more than any other state. The healing attributes, as well as the general benefits, of the lemon are amazing, it can heal and sanitize wounds, to provide smooth to hair, launder body parts and deodorize. 


March to september


  • Recently, Michoacan has become the biggest national producer of lemon.
  • Mexico is the biggest producer of lemon to the world, its main international consumer is USA. 

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Lemon is the ideal complement to mexican food. Its acid flavor regulates the flavors and destroy the saturated fat of food, that is why a few drops of lemon are expected to be in every taco or soup. This product also makes the refreshing and popular lemon water, and it is also used for cakes and bakery in general. Use it however you like. 

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