An alcohol drink produced in Mexico, with smoked touches that stand out for the artisan process. Even though a lot of people link Mezcal and Oaxaca together, other states of Mexico produce it as well. Michoacan has 29 municipalities with designation of origin, like Etucuaro, responsible of 60% of the production of mezcal in Michoacan. The palenques (artisan distillers) keep the secret of magueys, the firewood and the land. Mezcal’s taste is often compared to tequila, but the species of the land and the process dates back to prehispanic times 


All year


Mezcal does not cause hangovers because the agave used for it resists extreme weathers and does not require fertilizers, while its production does not use synthetic products. There is a high quality mezcal that comes from the extraction of wild mountain and field agaves without human intervention. A delicacy like no other. 

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As a digestive, mezcal is a no brainer for each meal or supper. 

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