Putting aside myths and legends, mushrooms are among the best food produced in Mexico thanks to their properties and their high water levels. In Michoacan, researchers and producers have identified 690 species, 320 of those are edible, all of them produced in over 40 municipalities.

Senguio is the ideal place to discover all varieties of flavor, it is also the home of the Annual Fair of the Mushroom that amazes locals and visitors all the same. It is definitely a meeting point to know and enhance the michoacan mushroom. 


June to august


  • New species of mushrooms have been discovered in Michoacan, like the xylaria michoacana and the Stephanospora michoacanensis.
  •  In Yoricostio, a town of Tacambaro, the School of Biology is the base of an economic communitarian experience supported in mushrooms. 

Related traditional dishes

Mushrooms can be prepared in a lot of ways: you can try mushroom pozole or ceviche, the traditional quesadillas, shiitake and mole tostadas, or boiled with epazote and serrano chilis.  An extraordinary delicacy. 

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