Carnitas (fried pork) were born as “michoacanas”, a creole dish that emerged from the stoves and pots of Santa Clara del Cobre; but this would not be possible without the pigs of the area. In La Piedad de Cabadas, almost in the frontier with Jalisco, you can find a group of pig farmers devoted to give the best pork to all the houses. The pigs are fed with natural and local products, and they display a high standard of quality, which means a more juicy meat and a unique flavor. A good reason to enjoy each bite of Michoacan. 


All year


  • La Piedad de Cabadas is the main producer of pork meat in the state, it ships over 18 thousand tons of this animal.
  • Pork is one of the animals that has the advantage of using almost of all its parts in derivate food: ham, chorizo, bacon, belly, black pudding and paté, among others. 

Related traditional dishes

The popularity of the Michoacan style carnitas is undeniable, but you can also find dishes like shanks, spiced pork leg, grill ribs or just the meat cooked with green sauce and nopales, mexican sauce, pipian, and many variations more. 

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