Rice is the second most produced cereal in the world and Michoacan does not lack behind with its farming. In Lombardia, in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora, as well as Nuevo Urecho, Paracuaro, Apatzingan, Buenavista and Tepaltepec you can find this tradition.

Nowadays, rice production has increased thanks to technology advances in irrigation systems, the introduction of new kinds, a balanced fertilization and a better handling once the rice is harvest. All of these has contributed to make Michoacan the third biggest rice producer in the country. 


November to december


  • Rice is the source of a fifth part of all the calories consumed in the whole world.
  • Rice is one of the foods that requires most water, to produce a ton of rice grain, 10-20 million of liters of water are necessary. 

Related traditional dishes

This cereal is present in our daily diet, in forms such as the boiled rice or mexican style. It also appears in other latitudes in sushi, or in dishes as the moros y cristianos in Cuba.

Of course, rice also comes in a desert fashion, with the milked rice, or in the classic rice with chicken soup. 

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