Strawberries are a forest fruit popular in bakery, due to its flavor and unique smell. Its red peel and oddball shape is the source for hundreds of dishes and products.

Michoacan is a special area where this fruit grows at low temperatures: Zamora, Tangancicuaro, Jacona, Ixtlan, among others. The weather embraces so perfect the strawberries that Michoacan has recently become the main producer and shipper of the fruit. 


All year


  • Michoacan is the main producer of strawberries in the country. It is then shipped to Canada, United Kingdom, Chili and Japan, among others.
  • Strawberries are good source for vitamin C, manganese, folic acid and potassium. 

Related traditional dishes

Strawberries are a delicacy just by themselves. They are famous because of the traditional strawberries with cream, although they are also used to make milkshakes, liquors, desserts, jams, ice-creams, as well as salads and fusion food. 

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