Michoacan is the second biggest producer of tomato, with over 223 thousand tons. This ingredient has been part of the country since centuries ago, its name come from the nahualt tomatl, and nowadays can be found in a lot of typical food.

The production of Michoacan takes place in 52 municipalities, among them Yurecuaro and Villamar stand out: red, small, big, delicious: these all are tomatoes from Michoacan.

Its properties are widely known to contain potassium, magnesium, vitamins B and C, as well as carotenoids: a delicious cocktail that benefits our body. 


June to august


  • Mexico ships nearly 1.5 million tons yearly of tomato.
  • Experts claim that its farming and consumption dates back to 500 years b.C in the south of Mexico. 

Related traditional dishes

Tomato is native from Mexico and it is a part of our home, we can find it in soups, cooked, smashed or even in juice. It is also used to accompany salads or cocktails, or as the base for a delicious pizza. 

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