White fish

If there is an endemic animal of Michoacan, that would be the white  fish. This small and delicious animal is native from the Patzcuaro lake. Its hunt is regulated and its cooking process is fresh and original, prepared by the traditional cooks of Janitzio, Patzcuaro, Erongaricuaro, Tzintzuntzan and other places of the shore. Its proteins and tender meat are just two reasons to taste it and come back to the area. 


All year


  • The purepechan culture and the white fish are closely intertwined since the arrival of the first inhabitants of the region.
  • In 2017, the Michoacan University of San Nicolas Hidalgo presented a program to preserve the white fish, a key species for the state. 

Related traditional dishes

White fish is the result of the local’s creativity: you can eat it marinated, grilled, on tamales, breaded, in mole or in soups. A completely purepechan delicacy. 

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