Barter trade + 2 nights lodging


From $2,263 MXN

Barter was the trade method of pre-Columbian Mexico but nowadays you can find small places of purepechan origin that preserve it and that talks of the nobility of the land and the characteristics of its people.

Mansión Iturbide invites you to love this experience on fridays. The journey begins early, we will departure from the hotel towards a special square, where a lot of native people (producers from the lacustrine area) gather to exchange fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, avocados, bananas, aromatic herbs, plants and even crafts are some of the things you can find.

After the barter walk, the group will head to the Vasco de Quiroga square, the original agora where the barter trade took place centuries ago.

An experience that you will not live in another place.


  • Tao nights lodging.
  • Individual breakfast.
  • Visit the barter trade of Patzcuaro. 

Does not include

  • Other unspecified services, such as food or purchases.
  • Tips


  • Does not apply on Day of the Dead season.
  • Price for one person.
  • Group of at least 4 people. 


1 h



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Getting there

Portal de Morelos #59, Col. Centro. 61600 Pátzcuaro, Pátzcuaro

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