Basic info

Visiting a place is an experience of joy and adventure, but you must consider several considerations. Here, we tell you all you need to know to visit Michoacán.


Spanish is the official language. However, most hotels and tourism services speak English and even French. Several communities from Michoacan also speak native languages, like purepecha or nahuatl.

Measuring system

Mexico uses the decimal metric system for distances (km, m, cm) and Celsius grades (°C) for temperature.


El voltaje en el país es de 110V a 60Hz. Los enchufes son de clavija plana, tipo B, los mismos que utilizan en Estados Unidos, no así en la Unión Europea, por lo que recomendamos llevar adaptadores.


Michoacán is a diverse state, full of forests, plains, plateaus, mountains and coasts, so weather varies in all the territory. In the east, the weather is warm, but cold at nights, while in the west and center, the temperature averages 20°C. In the area known as Tierra Caliente (warm and), as well as in the coast, temperature can go as high as 36°.

Check weather forecast.

Attention hours

The regular schedule of private and public offices is from 9 am to 18 pm, with possible lunch breaks between 14 and 15 pm. Malls open from 10 am to 22 pm. Banks work from Monday to Friday in a schedule of 9 am to 16 pm; however, some bank offices work on Saturdays until 14 pm.


In Mexico, it is custom to leave a 10 or 15% tip whenever you had an excellent service. This cost depends on the total of your intake in restaurants, bars of cafes. Tips are also given to valets, gas dispatchers, bellboys and other service workers. Even though the tip is not mandatory, it is a regular activity.

Currency exchange houses

For your comfort, we made you a list of five safe places to exchange your currency to Mexican pesos.

  • Imperial Casa de Cambio. Av. Morelos Nte. #348, Col. Centro. C.P. 58000. Morelia.

  • CIBanco. Guillermo Prieto #48, Col. Centro. C.P. 58000. Morelia.

  • Centro Cambiario Perla del Cupatitzio. Gral. Lázaro Cárdenas #1699, Col. Los Ángeles. C.P. 60160. Uruapan.

  • San Juan Morelia. Plan de Ayala #575-B, Col. Centro. C.P. 58000. Morelia.

  • Centro Cambiario Sarabia. Francisco Sarabia #19, Col. Bellavista. C.P. 60050. Uruapan.

Phone calls

You must check roaming fees with your telephone provider. We suggest buying a public phone card that you can acquire in convenience stores, magazine stands and airports. To dial, please follow the next steps:

Long distance calls:

  • For calls in Mexico: 01 + area code + number

  • For local cellphones: 044 + area code+ number

  • For a cellphone number in another area in Mexico: 045 + area code + number

  • For USA or Canada: 001 + area code + number

  • For abroad calls: 00 + country code + city code + number

Long distance calls with operator: in Mexico, dial 020; international line, dial 090.

For more local information with a bilingual operator, dial 040.

Safety suggestions

You must take precautions in any place you visit for the first time:

  1. Do not carry jewelry or flashy accessories in the street.

  2. Keep an eye on your wallet, especially in crowded spaces.

  3. Keep all your documents and valuable items in a safe place.

  4. Carry with you just the cash you need for your day and a credit card in case you need it.

  5. Carry an official ID card or a copy of it.

  6. Avoid dark and lonely places.

  7. Use legal cabs.

  8. Ask for your receipt or invoice as a shopping voucher.

  9. If you will be far from urban centers, inform your relative and embassy. It is necessary to have this information in the event of an emergency or an accident.

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