Cooking time:

40 min



Traditional from:

Tierra Caliente


200 grams of jerky (dry and salty meat)
75 grams of big guajillo chilies
350 grams of saladette tomato
3 eggs
150 grams of onion
8 grams of garlic
4 spoons of oil
Salt to the taste

How to

Cut the jerky in small pieces and pound them on a molcajete until you break the fibers. Fry in oil until it is crunchy, beware it does not burn. Take it out and drain the oil with an absorbent napkin, but not all to sauté slices of onion. Take back the meat to the onion and add the beaten eggs. Stir so the meat and the egg do not stick. Once boiled, mill the chilies and tomatoes with the garlic minus the salt. Strain them over the meat and simmer. Season with salt to the taste if you like.


Serve with warm tortillas as breakfast or meal.

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