Atole negro (chaqueta)


12 cups

Cooking time:

1 hour



Traditional from:

Purepechan region (Uruapan y Zamora)


2.5 liters of water
1/2 kilograms of multi-colored corn
100 grams of peel of toasted cacao
250 grams of sugar
2 big cinnamon sticks

How to

Boil the corn for 20 minutes in the two liters of water. Drain, mill and let it dry to produce 250 grams of flour. In the 5 liter of water, dissolve the flour. Then, heat two liters of water with sugar and cinnamon. When the boiling point is reached, drain the flour over the hot water and move it constantly for 15 minutes to avoid lumps. Mill the cacao peel and sieve it over the hot water. Drink it with tamales or pozole.


Accompany this beverage with bread of corundas. It is a drink for the morning.

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