Chilchota bread


1 loaf of bread

Cooking time:

20 min



Traditional from:

Zamora region


300 grams of girdle dough
200 grams of warm water
5 grams of yeast
20 grams of oil or butter
1 spoon or salt
Flour to cover the bread and beat  

How to

Chilchota bread is famous for its smoked flavor, the natural taste and the big size of the pieces. This is a standard recipe, but its taste depends on each bakery and the shape given by each baker.
Mix the warm water with the oil or butter, as well as the yeast. Add the flour and salt, mix and knead until you obtain a soft and homogenous dough. Give shape to the bread: large, baguette or extra ingredients. Make the bread and bath it with flour on a plate, the one you will introduce to the stone oven.


Accompany with white, black or raspberry atole.

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