Enchiladas placeras (to the taste)



Cooking time:

1.5 hours



Traditional from:

Morelia, Pátzcuaro and Uruapan


For the sauce
1/4 kilogram of pasilla chili (big)
1 spoon of oregano
4 peppers
2 garlic gloves

For the garnish
1 kilogram of potato
1 kilogram  de carrots
1 romaine lettuce
100 grams of sliced onion
300 grams of cotija cheese, dry and sprinkled
Jalapeño chili
Avocado to taste

For the stuffing
100 grams of sliced onion
200 grams cotija cheese, sprinkled

How to

Cook and peel the potatoes and the carrots, later chop them in 1 centimeters squares. Fry them and store. Fry the chicken. In the plate, put two leaves of the lettuce, add the fried chicken and the enchiladas. Soak the tortillas one by one in the sauce: without letting the tortilla go, fry it on both sides and stuff it with cheese and onion. Bend the tortilla three or four times and later put in on the lettuce and the chicken. On top of the enchiladas, add almost a cup of the potatoes and carrots. Add later sliced onion, the jalapeño chili and the cotija cheese.


If you want, accompany the enchiladas with avocado. In Morelia and Pátzcuaro, a piece of chicken is often added as a side, while in Uruapan you can find them with beef jerky.

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