Mole from Michoacán



Cooking time:

2 hours



Traditional from:

Monarch Region (Zitácuaro)


1 turkey sliced on pieces
125 grams of pasilla chili
grams of red chili, big
125 grams of mulato chili
125 grams of the seeds of these chilies
125 grams of sesame
125 grams of almonds
grams of raisins
1 piece of hard bolillo bread
4 tortillas (3 of those completely burned)
7 grams of ginger
12 grams of pepper
12 cloves
12 green peppers
100 grams of tomato
80 grams of onion
60 grams of garlic
10 grams of cinnamon
3 chocolate bars
1 kilogram of lard


How to

Cook the turkey with salt and big garlic without peeling until it gets tender. Clean the ginger and toast it.
Deveined the chilies, separate the seeds and toast them. 
Burn three tortillas until it gets coal.
Fry the almonds, a tostada and the bolillo bread in the lard.
Toast the chilies and add them in a pan with water so they get soaked in. Once fried, soak in also the bread and the toast.
On a pot, better if it is clay-made, heat up a spoon of lard. Fry all the spices and milled condiments (include the tomato, the onion and the garlic). Then, blend the two chilies in the water they got soaked in (if it is not enough, add the soup from the cooked turkey). Add the mix of spices that would be boiling by that time. Move constantly with a wooden spoon so the mix does not stick.
Later, add the chocolate bars and salt. Season to the taste and let them boil at medium fire for 15 minutes. Move the mix constantly.


Serve the mole with fried beans of red rice, the perfect mix and balance of flavors.

Sprinkle some ginger on the mole.

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