Cooking time:

1 hour



Traditional from:

Purepechan plateau region


5 kilograms of flour
1 pork head of 2 kilos
2 kilograms of maciza
½ quart of guajillo chilies
2 onions
¼ of tomato
5 toqueras (corn cobs, in between tender and thick)
5 bunches of peppermint
Salt to the taste
Leaves of corn

How to

Peel the nixtamal with ash a day before the preparation and let it soak in. At the next day, mill the corn. Then, cook the pork head and meat with the onion and salt to the taste. Besides, prepare the atápakua: with the stew, mill the tomato, the corn, the soaked chilies and the peppermint; stir until it is cooked. Once prepared, you can start with the tamales. On a corn leaf, add the dough mix, put them in the atapakua with a piece of meat. Let them cook.


Accompany with an atole or a digestive drink in the evening.

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