Seafood molcajete



Cooking time:

1 hour



Traditional from:

Coast of Michoacán


3 red tomatoes
1 onion
5 green chilies
200 grams of oaxaca cheese
1 spoon of salt
½ liter of oil
2 garlic cloves
½ spoon of oregano
200 grams of shrimps with head
200 grams of fish
100 grams of crab
200 grams of lobster
2 oysters
200 grams of octopus

How to

Wash the seafood and vegetables. Boil water on a pot and add the tomatoes, the chili and the garlic. Then, heat the pan and add the oil, once it is hot, put one by one the seafood to fry. Simmer the molcajete on a grill and let it rest.
Check the tomato, chili and garlic are cooked and take them out, put the salt and the water to blend. Once blended, put a pot with oil and sliced onions in circle to sauté it, pour the mix.
Put the fried seafood in the sautéed mix. Add oregano and let it simmer until it boils.
Pull out the molcajete of the fire and put it on a clay plate, then pour the mix with the seafood into the molcajete. Once there, shred the cheese over the seafood, mix and enjoy.


Accompany with a salad or a flavored water.

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