Xandukata, or atápakua of tree cabbage



Cooking time:

1 hour



Traditional from:

Purepechan region from Michoacán (Uruapan and Zamora)


1 big onion
2.5 kilograms of beef meat
1 small bunch of peppermint
1 small bunch of coriander
7 green tomatoes
1 leave of tree cabbage (produced only in Michoacán)
3 Serrano chilies

3 or 4 corns (or 100 gr of corn dough)
Sea salt to the taste

How to

Cook the meat in half, strain and set aside. Slice the corn to mill the grain and strain over the soup (without the meat), stir to thicken. Mill the peppermint with the coriander, the tomatoes, the chilies, the onion and half of the leave of cabbage tree. Pour into the soup. Season to the taste, add the meat and serve.


Accompany with warm tortillas or corundas. Serve on small clay pots.

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